About Mheyah

I am Mheyah Bailey- Relationship Coach, Professional Counsellor and Communication Specialist at Connection Point Centre.

I think of myself as a Connection Coach, a facilitator of love, connection, happiness & professional success. No relationship can be truly happy, fulfilling & successful without knowing how to express yourself to the important people in your life whether it is your significant other, families, colleagues or in your community. We all want to feel valued, loved, respected, special, and feel like we are contributing to society.

I specialize in teaching the most important principles & skills you need to create happier, healthier & more successful relationships personally and professionally.

I want to share with you the keys to making relationships so much more effortless, happier and more lovingly connected-All you need to learn is the essential skills and principles to communicate effectively and change your life one conversation at a time.

The absence of good communication in any area of your life can cause many problems, pain, misunderstandings, conflict, disconnection and lack of harmony and love. If you are struggling in your relationships please read through all the resources I have made available to help you learn a new way to LOVE & LIVE.
Studies show that 85% of our happiness & success in life can be directly attributed to our communication skills

I¬†want to help you Create Successful Relationships in all areas of your life so you will……
* have more loving & harmonious relationships
* be more successful professionally
* feel happier & more content
* have more confidence in your abilities
* enjoy more understanding, love & appreciation
* have a respectful passionate connection & deep friendship with your partner.

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One on One, either in person, by phone, Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangouts
$95-60 minutes
$125-90 minutes

Prepay Packages
15 Sessions-$1750 (125 savings)
10 Sessions-$1150 (100 savings)
5 Sessions-$675 (75 savings)
Specialized Life Changing Coaching Program-$2999.00
or 4 equal payment plan of $750 over 4 months