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New Years Hopes, Challenges & Choices 2017

What HOPES, CHANGES and CHOICES are you going to make this year?

It is another New Year and it is customary to make resolutions and commitments and look back on the past year.
We usually ask ourselves what we want to CHANGE this year and how are we going to get there. Did you manage to achieve what you set out to do in 2016? What did you celebrate and what can you improve upon this year?

I start thinking of what I want more of in my life. What possibilities can I envision?
What do I need to change in myself, my home or in my relationships. What do I want to learn, what do I want to do and what options & choices do I have. What are you hoping for in 2017?

I am feeling inspired by possibilities and thought you might want to join me in MAKING CHANGES.
Of course the BIG questions are:

What is the “IT” you are wanting, dreaming or needing more of……..
If you had “IT” How would your life be different? and
What is stopping you from having “IT”
This is where I can help you:

define what CHANGES you want to implement
clarify what BLOCKS you need to get past
create a MAP to achieve your goal
support you in the PROCESS 

What needs a TRANSFORMATION in your life?
Your personal or professional LIFE, your HOME or your RELATIONSHIPS?

Are you living “on purpose”
Do you feel inspired everyday?
What challenges are you facing?
Do you feel what you do is meaningful?
Are your relationships full of love or full of conflict?
Do you feel fulfilled? Are you happy?
What choices do you have?
Do you feel afraid?
Do you feel in sync with who you are at your core?
I can help you discover what you want more of in your life, support you to create a life that will feel more meaningful, full of love, less stressful, healthier, happier and more successful.

I will help you clarify your goals, define how to get there with a step by step plan and coach and support you to achieve it. I will help you solve challenges, turn conflicts into opportunities and highlight new perspectives and possibilities.

Let me know when you want to start your new life and book your Discovery Coaching Session

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What is your opinion on this?


Hello all,

I really value you being a subscriber of my blog. Thank you so much for allowing me into your world.

As you have probably noticed over the last few months I have not posted a lot lately due to being super busy. I have also paused posting because I have been wondering if my newsletters and blogs have been giving you any support, inspiration, nuggets of help or ideas.


My intention has always been to support you to create awesome relationships, minimize conflict, manage differences, learn how to really communicate effectively, create connection and soar with great success professionally. I have however been feeling concerned that maybe I am not writing about what you really need or want to hear.

So I really want to make sure I stay true to what YOU want to read and what would be most helpful to you.

The last thing I want to do is produce and post content that you don’t want to read! I want to answer your exact questions and provide content that’s both useful and inspiring at the same time.

With that, I want to ask if I could get your very valued feedback?

I would be so grateful if you could just take a tiny moment to hit reply to this email and tell me 2 things.

1. What information could I share that would be most helpful?
2. What do you want to see more of?

That’s it!

It’ll only take you a few moments and it may seem like a really little thing to you but to me it means a lot because I only want to offer you content that is useful. It is my purpose and passion to help “change the world one conversation at a time”

I value your opinion and look forward to hearing what you have to say!

love Mheyah 


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Life & Love is all in the Details

Successful Communication Made Simple Series by Mheyah Bailey
How Curiousity is one of the 5 Important Principles for Creating Amazing Relationships

How can we make everything in life truly amazing? How can we create Radical Relationships with intensity and passion that are truly an authentic expression of our individuality and our togetherness? It is all in the details.

I just spent a fabulous week in France taking in and enjoying all the sensorial delights and ambiance of the beautiful countryside, villages, history and all of details that make up a truly inspiring French lifestyle, from the simple salutations in every shop, to expressing oneself with hand gestures, kissing on both sides of the cheek, dining al fresco with the silverware and good china, the je ne sais quoi of the fashionista, food grown in the garden or shopped for in the market, music and fragrances of walnut oil and honeysuckle in the air, the curiosity and gratitude for the joie de vivre. Sigh…….DSC_3040
As I was planning this article about the importance and benefits of curiousity in our relationships and lives, it dawned on me this week that life and love is all in the details and a curious mind is a necessity for finding the details, the nuances, the deeper meaning and enjoyment of anything. Curiousity creates an intimate connection with people and life.

I love writing and coaching about love, life and happiness and hope that you will use all the information I share with you to make your life more fulfilling and purposeful and that it helps you create amazing relationships full of connectedness and passion with your partners and in life. It really is all in the details.
If we are to Create truly Successful Relationships and a fulfilling life we need to understand that curiousity is one of those important principles that will help us define the details, so we can uncover the meaning and importance of deeper understanding through authentic discovery. Without using the gift of curiousity we will live a life of mediocrity and miss out on a deeper and more meaningful understanding of oneself and true intimacy with others.

Socrates said “an unexamined life is not worth living”

In the series for Creating Successful Communication we have been discussing what it means to actually integrate the 5 Principles for Successful Communication. We have discussed what it means to be Conscious and how we can become more aware of our responsibility in our lives and the impact we have personally, professionally and globally.
I believe that Compassion is an essential principle for any healthy relationship, which you can read about HERE.

Going forward we are going to delve more into the principles Curiousity, Courage and Commitment, so hopefully you will see the positive benefits those qualities can bring to your life and relationships.

So what does it mean to be CURIOUS?

CURIOUS:[kyoor-ee-uhs] ADJECTIVE: eager to learn, understand or know; to be inquisitive, arousing or exciting speculation, interest, or attention through being different or unknown; an inquiring open mind interested & seeking to know and understand; to wonder.

We are all born curious, it is a natural quality we all possess. Curiousity is what makes us humans learn to crawl, seek, taste, see, experience, create, philosophize, dream, explore, change. Curiousity is foundational to all creativity and is an essential principle to creating successful relationships.

Why you might ask? Well if you aren’t curious in life and love then you limit yourself to only what you know already. That will be the limit of your experience and understanding. To seek to understand more is an exceedingly important quality in your relationships because we can never truly understand another persons experience without delving deeper. It is important to not believe we actually know what anyone else is experiencing and to be ever so gently open and non-judgmentally curious.

In a previous article I wrote how curiousity will benefit your relationships:

“I believe it is invaluable to be deeply interested in what another person is trying to express with no agenda other than to understand, and in turn being deeply curious about yourself, what you are feeling and what you need to express as well.
Being curious shows that you care, that you are interested; that how the other person feels is important to you and that they are important to you.
While being curious you need to be able to listen without judgment or interrupting. Listening means to be silent and that your brain is entirely engaged with the other person’s experience and how they are feeling as they struggle to express what is going on for them, while also being mindful of your own feelings and responses.

It is helpful to stop yourself from knowing or assuming anything. It means that you remain an open blank slate without making assumptions that you already know and understand what others are trying to express.
Curiousity means that you are remembering that none of what is being said is personal and means you are LISTENING INTENTLY to what is being said, what is happening, what has caused the happy feelings or upset, what the other persons values are, what is important to them and how they want or need something to be different so they will be happier and your relationship will improve, personally or professionally.
This is an important detail about curious conversations; ask questions that help define what is needed, what is important to the other person and why.
Nothing in the world is done without meeting a need and defining what others need is what builds connection and compatibility. A need could be as simple as desiring more tidiness, help with dinner or as fundamental as wanting to feel more respected, but all worthy of our time, curiousity, compassion, cooperation and collaboration to resolve.
It is so important to check out what is going on for another person, make sure what you heard is what was intended, and do your best to understand what is important, what they need and are asking for.  Curiousity builds trust if you are truly seeking to understand someone else with an open compassionate heart.

If you can stay curious even in times of stress, you are on the road to positive healthy relationships. Curiousity helps you stay present to what is happening, what is trying to happen and collaboratively decide what needs to happen going forward. Being curious about the people we are in relationships with, how they experience life, understanding and appreciating their perspective is the key to love in personal relationships and builds collaborative professional relationships creating an unbreakable bond of positive connection and mutual respect”

It is important to reflect our understanding back to people so they know we have understood their answers. It is simple to repeat back what you think you have heard which lets the other person hear you were really listening and understood the details and nuances of what was being said. If we inadvertently missed out any important parts then our “curious minds” can remain open to further information that clarifies what the other person is trying to convey.
Questions can often times sound judgmental or like a criticism so it can be helpful to not use the word “why” but instead to use open questions that start with “what” and “how”:

What happened?
What is that like?Speaking
How do you feel?
What is important about that to you?
What do you need?
Can you help me understand?
How can I help?

There is a caveat to curiousity that I believe is important to mention as your curiousity must be connected with your awareness of yourself and is not meant to be an interrogation from fear or judgment. That is why authentic curiousity takes practice and an attitude of “open hearted wanting to understand” rather than fearful interrogation. I hope you can understand the difference and realize that sometimes we all need to monitor ourselves and that curiousity must have no other agenda than seeking to know more or to understand better with the intention to create positive connection.
With every connection we make it can be so useful to ask if you are creating positive connection or disconnection.

When I say that happiness in life and love is in the details I really mean it is in the details. We mustn’t just accept a superficial limited perspective if we want to feel happier and have more intimate connections to our partners, our friends and colleagues. Humans are complex individuals and attending with non-judgmental open hearted curiousity we can strive to understand people in a more authentic meaningful way.
Curiousity can help you achieve more connection by inviting more detailed information. As humans we present ourselves, our conversations and concerns about 6 layers above where the more meaningful truth is, which means the majority of the time we are not necessarily attuned to what is really driving our complaint or concern.
It is a gift of our time and presence to be curious, whether someone is experiencing a happy moment or a trauma. The impact is priceless as your simple presence and curiousity makes others feel appreciated and important and is that not after all what we all need in life; to love and feel loved. Curiousity is a loving act and love is in the details.

It isn’t only important to be curious about others but equally as important to be curious about yourself. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs it is one of our main human needs to grow and evolve, and how could we achieve that if we did not use our curiousity. To be curious about oneself is one of the most important qualities we need to create a purposeful and fulfilling life. It is in seeking and clarifying the details of our own needs and values that compels us to live a more authentic expression of ourselves creating more purpose and fulfillment and happy peaceful relationships. How could we discover what is important to ourselves without curiousity? We couldn’t.
It is the act of asking ourselves the important questions that wakes us up and gives us choice to create the life we really want. Curiousity is about defining your dreams and goals and then making a conscious choice to pursue your life with gusto and passion. This is a big conversation best left for the next time but in the meantime I hope you can see the value of curiousity for your life and all your relationships.

Try it out and see what happens. I look forward to hearing what impact curiousity has in your life.

Love Mheyah 
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The Quality of our Relationships determines the Quality of our Lives, and I believe that the quality of our relationships is determined by our ability to consciously communicate, connect & collaborate with others. Communication is the foundation for the health of our whole society. If we do not know how to communicate, how are we ever going to connect with anyone on any meaningful level, personally, professionally or globally. 

This quiz is about “everywhere” in your life:

  • Do you ever feel misunderstood?

  • Is there conflict in any areas of your life?

  • Are you angry or sad? Do you yell or cry?

  • Do you crave more connection & love?

  • Do you sometimes feel taken advantage of?

  • Are you afraid to say what you really feel as it will cause upset?

  • Are you comfortable asking for what you want?

  • Do you feel loved and appreciated?

  • Are you stressed?

  • Are your relationships harmonious and happy?

  • Do you set boundaries that are respected by others?

  • Do you get what you want in a win-win for everyone? 

If you answered yes to even one of these questions it is more than likely you could improve your communication skills. I can help you with that. It is my purpose and my specialty to help you express yourself in new ways to minimize stress, conflict and misunderstandings and maximize harmony, healthy relationships, happiness and work, life balance.

Communication is the key to connection, love, happiness & professional success.
I have discovered the most important and valuable 5 principles needed to create successful relationships and created a simple 5 step communication system for changing your life one conversation at a time. 

I want to share with you the keys to making relationships so much more effortless, happier and more lovingly connected-All you need to learn is the essential skills and principles to communicate effectively and change your life one conversation at a time.

If you are serious about change and committed to creating the life of your dreams then I promise that coaching with me will give you the results that you most desire.

I only work with clients that exclusively want to create FANTASTIC relationships personally & professionally.
My unique communication training will teach you to think, speak and act in accordance with your deepest values and most authentic empowered self, creating a life that is happy, full of love, understanding, appreciation, success and is purposeful and fulfilling.
Not only that but I will help you eliminate what is holding you back, improve all your relationships, define and execute a success plan and all that in a finite amount of time.


You have my guarantee that I am committed and I do want to help you create more love, happiness and success in your life.
There are many ways to connect with me but only one way to coach with me, and that is with commitment, dedication, purpose and passion.

If you aren’t already signed up and want to stay connected and on the path to a great life then please do so below 

loveLove Mheyah ♥ 
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Map of Success




If there is any hope for success, It is not enough to put your mind into it, you must also put your whole heart into it… ……Calyn Stewart Shaw

I collaborate with individuals, couples, professional teams, groups and leaders to enhance personal and professional inspiration, motivation, fulfillment and success. I develop and facilitate programs created from the philosophies at the Barrett Values Centre, Non-Violent Communication, True Colours Personality Typing and a long history of coaching.

As a Personal & Professional Coaching Consultant I work with clients to create work life harmony, balance and competency, and to encourage living & working consciously, increasing personal and professional fulfillment, effective living and career productivity. I support leaders to build values driven organizations and employees to learn higher levels of personal responsibility, manage emotions and stress, and motivate people to be the best they can be living through their values and those of the company they work for. I believe in building collaborative, communicative, compassionate, connected working relationships and hope to inspire others to find fulfillment and meaning through those they serve and work with. I facilitate and encourage individuals, teams and leaders to create a more authentic connection with peers and clients alike, thereby ensuring a positive experience and work culture for everyone. 

My purpose remains the same, whether I am coaching one heart, one relationship, one family, one company, one corporation: it is to create harmony, understanding and appreciation through compassionate communication and loving connection for a healthy and sustainable planet for all.

The culture of an organisation, or any group of individuals that share a common identity, is a reflection of the values and beliefs of the leaders…. Richard Barrett

Excerpt from the  Barrett Values Centre: Who you are as a leader—the values you embrace, and the beliefs you hold— is automatically transmitted to the group through your words, behaviours and actions. This is why organisational transformation begins with the personal transformation of the leaders. If the leaders don’t change, the culture won’t change.

Full spectrum leaders display all the attributes of the Seven Levels of Leadership Consciousness.  They master:

  • Survival consciousness by creating an environment of financial security and physical safety for themselves and those in their charge.
  • Relationship consciousness through learning to communicate openly, and by creating a culture of caring and belonging that engenders employee and customer loyalty.
  • Self-esteem consciousness by measuring and monitoring progress towards the organisation’s goals, and keeping the organisation focused on quality, excellence and continuous improvement, such that employees feel a sense of pride in the organisation’s performance, and can pursue their professional growth.
  • Transformation consciousness by becoming responsible and accountable for their actions, learning to delegate appropriately, empowering their executives and managers, and encouraging them to pursue their personal growth.
  • Internal cohesion consciousness by finding a personal sense of purpose/mission to their lives; creating a vision of the future that is a source of inspiration for everyone in the organisation; and engendering a climate of trust. 
  • External cohesion consciousness by actualizing their own sense of purpose through collaboration with external partners in strategic alliances, and enabling their employees, managers and executives to do the same. 
  • Service consciousness by aligning the needs of the organisation with the needs of humanity and the planet and performing acts of self-less service with humility and compassion that support their employees, managers, and executives in doing the same.

Mheyah Bailey
Personal and Professional Development Coach

my purpose & promise is to inspire you to create CLARITY, AHA moments & TRANSFORMATION, so you can have more HAPPINESS, SUCCESS & LOVE in your life

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