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CHANGES from the “inside out”
Sometimes I need proof. 

I have to confess to being a bit of “Doubting Thomas”and it is sometimes a challenge for me to believe and trust without proof that there is some kind of universal plan, something tangible to believe in…………and then there are those moments that are unmistakable moments of GRACE when I just know what the truth is.
One of those days when I unmistakably knew a truth was Sunday of my sons graduation, when I realized that when all is said and done, that LOVE truly does transcend everything.
LOVE transcends all the mistakes we make, it heals all wounds, and rights all wrongs, forgives others and truly is the universal energy that makes everything worth while.
I have been musing since then about what it really means to change and grow and it got me thinking about life, love, the paths our lives take and of course it made me start thinking and reflecting on my own meandering journey.
The impetuous for all this thinking was my sons High School graduation where friends, family and loved ones gathered to celebrate this milestone in my sons life. He is the youngest of 4 boys and it has been a year of important milestones for all of them.
What has me reflecting most is the feeling of regret for the past and yet I know that feeling regretful is only productive in that it allows me an awareness of where and who I was before, and where and who I am now, how did I get here and what have I learned………so far.
It was from this place that I started to feel regretful for my lack of ability and level of awareness in the past and for the losses that were the result, but also started to feel a new appreciation for my new self that is now compassionate, aware, conscious and has learned to love and live with responsibility for myself without projections, blame, insecurity & judgement.  

 What the past few weeks has brought me to is the importance of being responsible and accountable for ones own experience and that the measure of our growth and change is in how we act and behave in the world towards others and that it is our human JOB, if you will, to learn, grow, change and become responsible.

We all go through these 4 stages of evolution, change and growth.
I would like to think I am somewhere between 3 and 4 LOL
What I realized I needed was LOVE and forgiveness for myself for my lack of ability in the past and to understand that it was the natural process of life to make mistakes and learn from those experiences. 
Sometimes the collateral damage feels overwhelming to me and that is when it is hard for me to trust in the UNIVERSE or LOVE or in GRACE or DIVINE INTERVENTION or whatever you want to call it………..but Graduation Sunday I felt it and knew LOVE in it’s truest form to be the truth and the only truth worth trusting.
Standing outside the venue with “my people” waiting to go in for the ceremony, I was struck with the feeling of belonging and of being home in my heart, in spite of all my unconscious incompetencies or theirs as learning humans, I felt the spirit of LOVE amongst us all.
It was a profound moment of feeling in the RIGHT place, at the RIGHT time, with the RIGHT people, in the RIGHT state of consciousness and awareness about myself and others. It was a divine moment of knowing that LOVE is always in us and around us, that it moves us forward to grow, heal, forgive and change, that LOVE is all that matters and that all is well when there is LOVE.
This feeling was magical and I would say absolutely was my proof, if I really needed any, that LOVE is the most important universal energy of GRACE in action. It was tangible and irrefutable.
The point of this, is that we all need to learn to take responsibility for our feelings, thoughts and actions so we can live our best authentic selves. 
When we can do that we will be congruent with our real selves and can enjoy a sense of belonging,  of happiness, of “rightness” of LOVE for ourselves and others. We all need to TRUST that by living our most authentic responsible self LOVE and GRACE will show up.

“To Live a Conscious Life one must follow the Wisdom of the Heart and the Power of the Mind”  

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“How to Communicate Better” Workshop

Lets Get Together once a week for 6 weeks in North Vancouver and learn some new communication skills to improve your relationships in all areas of your life, personally & professionally.

The Quality of our Relationships determines the Quality of our Lives
Everyone is welcome to join.
You don’t have to be a couple to learn how to improve relationships. We are all in relationships everyday of our lives…………So please join me in learning how to communicate for more LOVE, HAPPINESS, SUCCESS & FULFILLMENT in your life. This group is for anyone who:
  • would like to feel more understood and better appreciated
  • wants less conflict and more happiness
  • wants less stress and increased health
  • would value more harmonious connections personally and professionally
  • wants to learn effectively listening skills so you can hear what others are really trying to say
  • wants to create more authentic relationships

Do you want to feel more at ease in the world, more confident and happier? Whether we are talking about personal or professional relationships, we can all benefit from learning and developing conscious tangible communication
 and relationship skills and integrating that learning into 
relationships filled with respect and ease. We will explore and grow awareness in personal relationships, learn more about your behavior, belief systems and find out how your communication process plays an important role in determining your health, your lifestyle and social experience.  Grow your inner understanding of how you process information, react and create the relationship behaviors you experience.  Learn language literacy and diplomacy and for some added inspiration and fun we will have one evening dedicated to True Colours Personality Typing. You won’t want to miss this evening for sure. We will also delve into the stories and meaning we make of what others say and do and how that impacts our perspectives and our feelings. We will learn to THINK RESPONSIBLY as it is important not to believe everything you think.

COURSE STARTS THURSDAY MAY 3 from 6:45 until 9:30 in North Vancouver Venue TBA  Email me at or call 778-881-0410



Recommended reading for the course is:
Non-Violent Communication A Language of Life by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg
Showing Your True Colors by Mary Miscisin

At Connection Point we promise
 Clarity, ‘AHA’Moments & Transformation. Our “soul” purpose is to support you to create authentic change through personal awareness, communication training & inspirational coaching.

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Love is the Only Answer

“I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” – Martin Luther King Jr.