Empower, Enlighten, Enhance, Explore, Excite, Elevate 

This is a group for women to EMPOWER and support each other, ENLIGHTEN and raise our level of awareness, heal,
 EXPLORE our own process, ENHANCE learning, grow, EXCITE our lives and see possibilities and ELEVATE our potential to be the best 
we can be. This group is for any women experiencing life in any way, wanting a safe and secure place for support, to set 
new goals, illuminate new perspectives and learn new ways of being to enhance all their relationships, heal ourselves and 
create the lives we dream of in harmony with our values and needs.
My hope is that we will develop a group of women 
committed to living more consciously that will create more “happyness” and fulfillment for each of us in all areas of our lives.
The group will have no specific agenda other than to support and learn from each other as we process individually what we
 want to be working on, where we need to grow, stretch, learn and change to have more of what we want in our lives. I imagine 
some members will want to learn more about themselves and the world around us, achieve more peace and fulfillment, become more of their best selves, work towards better 
relationships, make new goals, make lifestyle changes, want to heal past issues, have support 
or just be in a community of others willing to listen to whatever is happening in life. We are here to EMPOWER, ENLIGHTEN,
 ENHANCE, EXCITE, ELEVATE and support each other.

I will be facilitating the group and there will be a format to follow but some days we will just celebrate all of who we are as women, mothers, partners, daughters, friends, lovers, creators of our universe………My goal is to have a 10 -12 women in the group on a regular basis once every 3 weeks on Thursday evening from 6:30- 9:30. The meeting will be on the North Shore starting Nov 17, Dec 8 and then reconvening January 12 to start on a regular schedule. If you are inspired and would like more information please call Mheyah at 778-881-0410 or email mheyah@gmail.com. You can also find me at www.loveactuallycommunications.com

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