As your Transformation Facilitator & Happiness Coach I want to help you Create an Inspired Life from the Inside Out and support you to design and create the life of your dreams. I hope to inspire you to make your life an authentic expression of who you are from the inside out. I can guide you to get past what is holding you back from integrating all aspects of your magnificence into a life fully integrated with who you are at a core level.

To live a conscious & inspired life one must use the wisdom of the heart & the power of the mind

I want you to have a life full of more LOVE, HAPPINESS, FULFILLMENT, PURPOSE & BEAUTY and I can help you unlock the keys to your fabulous delicious life.
Do you feel like you need a life makeover and don’t know where to start?
That is what I am here to help you with. I will support you to make the necessary changes and teach you new skills for you to be successful in all areas of your life, whether you want to feel happier and more at peace, have more loving relationships with less conflict or find your true hearts calling and purpose.

Change can be so much easier with a coach and I am committed to support, inspire, encourage and collaborate with you to create the life you want and I will help you leap into the life of your dreams.

Let me ask you:
Who are you being when facing life’s challenges?

Are you in touch with who you are and what you need?
Are you holding yourself back or seizing the opportunities?
Are you letting fear make your choices?
Are you able to COMMUNICATE so you are heard and understood?
Are you living your best and most authentic self?
Are you feeling happy, fulfilled and successful?
Are your relationships healthy and full of love?
Are you living in integrity with your values?
Does your environment reflect who you are?
Does your lifestyle support your health and well being: emotionally, physically, spiritually?

How you answer these questions demonstrates your level of confidence, knowledge of yourself, your character and whether you have the right skills for a successful and happy life. I will support you to create new empowering beliefs & behavior patterns that inspire confidence and move you toward your goals.

I will teach you how to communicate effectively everywhere in your life so you feel confident and self assured in positive outcomes. We will create a vision for your life and turn it into a reality so your life reflects who you are at your very core. I will help you eliminate self-destructive habits that are keeping you stuck.

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Thank you for visiting Connection Point Centre for Inspired Living and I look forward to connecting with you soon. You can email me at mheyah@gmail.com or some FREE time with me here.

If we do not look within, we will go without.
The wholeness of ourselves does not depend on our personalities
but depends entirely on the awareness of our inner feelings

There is a science to why coaching can change your life:
The term “Interpersonal Neurobiology” is the study of what occurs in the brain as a result of significant life experiences and how a coaching or counseling relationship can be used to actually change the brain and neurological system. It has been determined that neurogenesis and neuroplasticity-the creation of new neurons and new neuronal connections–continue throughout our life and are significantly altered and changed by meditation, mindfulness, and emotional attachment where new neuronal pathways are created. What fires together wires together. Whenever we learn something new, including new attitudes, perspectives, or behaviors, we are changing the physical structure of the brain.” ~ Excerpt from Familyprocess.org

From Mind Wisdom to Heart Wisdom by Evita Ochel @ www.evitaochel.com
“I wish to share with you my personal philosophy for my life, which today I keep as simple as possible – live consciously using the wisdom of the heart and the power of the mind. May we remember that living from the heart does not mean that we abandon the power of our mind. To do so, would be to enter a new imbalanced way of existing on this planet. We cannot deny any part of ourselves to live from our highest potential – not our mind, not our heart and not our soul. We are multidimensional beings, both on a physical and spiritual level and we are today learning how to truly put that into action and live our lives from the most holistic and balanced foundation.
Ultimately, at our essence we are love. We are not fear, or anger, or greed, or competition. As we continue to awaken, may we continue to grow in love, and exercise all that we are in how we relate to ourselves, others and all living and non-living things on this planet. May we always focus on the solutions, rather than the problems, and truly be the change we wish to see”

my purpose & promise is to inspire you to create CLARITY, AHA moments & TRANSFORMATION, so you can have more HAPPINESS, SUCCESS & LOVE in your life

One on One, either in person, or by phone or Skype
95-60 minutes
125-90 minutes

15 Sessions-1750 (125 savings)
10 Sessions-1150 (100 savings)
5 Sessions-675 (75 savings)

CELL: +1 778-952-4749 
EMAIL: mheyah@connectionpointcentre.com
SKYPE: mheyah bailey


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I bring all my life experiences to collaborating with others and a lifetime of education to support my clients in their quest for inspired lifestyles, personal change, more happiness, love & fulfillment, better relationships, purposeful lives.

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it― Rumi

Love Mheyah ♥
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Mheyah Bailey, Vancouver coach

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