Are you living “on purpose”
Do you feel what you do is meaningful?
Do you feel fulfilled?
Do you feel in sync with who you are at your core?
Would you like to contribute more?
What is important to you?
Do you feel inspired everyday?

Do you sometimes wonder what you should do with your life? This is an important life question most of us ask ourselves at some point. The search for meaning is part of our human evolution. Do you ever ask yourself: What should I do with my life? What is my purpose in life? What am I passionate about? What inspires me? What would be meaningful?

I am a Conscious Living Lifestyle Consultant,Counsellor and Coach and I trust and know that the answers are within you. I am only here to help ask you the right questions and support you to discover the truth that is inside you so you can live your purposeful life.

The first step is learning more about you.
I know what it is like not to know what direction to go in. I went through a program long before I became a coach where at the end I came out with my “Purpose Statement” and it is what I live everyday. It is who I am and is my mission statement in life. I have been through much soul-searching, crisis and diversions and now have a fulfilling, purposeful and meaningful life because I am in alignment with my values, passions and skills. My life is now a complete reflection of who I am and who I was born to be and I want the same for you. What I teach and how I coach is entirely because of all of my life experiences and I want to share with you how you can live your own purposeful life.

This is entirely a journey of personal discovery, illuminating who you are born to be and what you are meant to contribute. It is not necessarily about doing a specific job but it is about living your most authentic self, integrating your core values, needs, passions & gifts. It really is about living your own mission statement everyday.

I can help you discover your purpose in life as we go through a process of discovering the answers to some important questions.
Answer the “Discovering your Life Purpose” questions and begin the journey of living your purpose.
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My purpose is: I am a  lovable & trusting woman inspiring & collaborating with others to create conscious loving relationships through heart centred connection & communication
I created that purpose statement before I became a coach and counsellor and it personifies who I am at my very core. I live that everyday whether I am working or not. It is just who I am. Thank you Choices

Love Mheyah 

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