Life Lessons I learned from Bailey & Ziggy

My cats Bailey & Ziggy have been great communicators and I have learned to speak cat quite well.  Ziggy has the most wonderful qualities that make him an excellent companion, friend and yes he is a very handsome man I sleep and snuggle with. As the human in this partnership it has taken me a long time to learn so many of the qualities that Ziggy knows intuitively about love, life & happiness.
IMG_3306Life Rules by Ziggy & Bailey

*Love unconditionally: with compassion, an open heart  no judgement or expectation
*Purr, kiss & “knead” often: show love, affection, kindness and appreciation as often as possible
*Meow loudly and with persistance until you get what you need
*Be curious “curiousity DID NOT kill the cat” but shows care
*Be independent and not needy
*Take time to look after yourself: exercise, stretch, rest, go to the spa
*Eat small portions all day, eat healthy, organic & local
*Bring presents to those you love: love the pressies 🙂

*Stand your ground
*Say hello and smile at everyone
*Look everyone in the eye
*Be bold and confident
*Be a leader: he helped a kitten off the roof the other day. Just waited to see if she could get down and then when she couldn’t find a way, went up there himself and led the way down for her
*Follow when someone shows you the way
*Play: like a twist tie, in the middle of the night, seriously 🙂
*Share what you have with others: he shares his water bowl with the dog and waits patiently until she is done
*Wait your turn
*Give people space when they need it and just hangout with them
*Never take anything personally, it’s not about you
*Be courageous: you have heard of the expression “scaredy cat” then that means he has HUGE courage if he is scared all the time
*Don’t rush things & exercise caution
*Be meticulous and fastidious
*Admire the Christmas tree with wonder
*Smell the flowers, lie in the shade, enjoy the garden
*Trust yourself and others, assume the best
*Be loyal and committed
*Take time for yourself to lick your wounds
*Greet people when they come in the door
*Be proud and strut your stuff
*Listen and let people cry. You don’t have to fix anything
*Make lots of friends
*Respect others boundaries: the dog has staked out her territory on the couch and Ziggy will never cross the line in the sand. It is a silent agreed upon boundary
*Growl a little to warn intruders
*Be social and join in the fun but go to bed when you are ready.
*Have routine & structure. It’s good for your health
*Be careful around cars
*Be humble
*Let people be responsible for themselves
*Go say hi to the neighbours but don’t cross the doorstep unless invited
*Follow the rules but make your own too
*Check things out before deciding if it is right for you
*Live as if you have nothing to worry about
*Die in your loved ones arms (miss you Bailey)

I just wanted to have some fun today as I have been working putting together some really fantastic new and exciting stuff to offer you and thought you might enjoy a a little fun today too.
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Love Mheyah 

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