Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a great weekend. I want to connect with you and am hoping to inform, inspire and empower you to “change your life one conversation at a time”

I have compiled a series of quick 1 minute tips for you that I hope you will find useful and will share with others who may find value in learning some quick fixes to change their life for the better. My goal is to help you go from “Surviving to Thriving”

What goals or changes do you need to make going forward to have more success, love & happiness in your life? What isn’t working?

85% of our success and happiness in life can be directly attributed to our communication skills, so where do you need to up your game for more success personally & professionally.

Do you experience conflict?
Are you stressed?
Are you living the BIG life you are meant to live?
Do you feel happy?
Do you have wonderful relationships that are connected and fulfilling?
Can you tell people what you value and need?
Do you feel heard and appreciated?

Here is your first 1 minute video to get you started from SURVIVING to THRIVING

If you like these tips and want to learn more about how to connect with others and THRIVE not just SURVIVE then you can learn more with my longer more in depth course at SUCCESSFUL COMMUNICATION MADE SIMPLE where I delve into what principles and structure make a conversation more successful and create more connection, rather than more conflict and stress. Personally or professionally, the principles are the same. I hope if you are looking for some tools to improve your life and relationships you will check out the course or get in touch to discuss Communication Coaching with me and how coaching can change your life and improve all your relationships.
My goal is to “change the world one conversation at a time” and create a Relationship Revolution.
Let’s collaborate on how I can help you “THRIVE not just SURVIVE”
Love Mheyah Connection Expert
Relationship Counsellor
Communication Specialist Coach



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