If there is any hope for success, It is not enough to put your mind into it, you must also put your whole heart into it… ……Calyn Stewart Shaw

I collaborate with individuals, couples, professional teams, groups and leaders to enhance personal and professional inspiration, motivation, fulfillment and success. I develop and facilitate programs created from the philosophies at the Barrett Values Centre, Non-Violent Communication, True Colours Personality Typing and a long history of coaching.

As a Personal & Professional Coaching Consultant I work with clients to create work life harmony, balance and competency, and to encourage living & working consciously, increasing personal and professional fulfillment, effective living and career productivity. I support leaders to build values driven organizations and employees to learn higher levels of personal responsibility, manage emotions and stress, and motivate people to be the best they can be living through their values and those of the company they work for. I believe in building collaborative, communicative, compassionate, connected working relationships and hope to inspire others to find fulfillment and meaning through those they serve and work with. I facilitate and encourage individuals, teams and leaders to create a more authentic connection with peers and clients alike, thereby ensuring a positive experience and work culture for everyone. 

My purpose remains the same, whether I am coaching one heart, one relationship, one family, one company, one corporation: it is to create harmony, understanding and appreciation through compassionate communication and loving connection for a healthy and sustainable planet for all.

The culture of an organisation, or any group of individuals that share a common identity, is a reflection of the values and beliefs of the leaders…. Richard Barrett
Excerpt from the  Barrett Values Centre: 
Who you are as a leader—the values you embrace, and the beliefs you hold— is automatically transmitted to the group through your words, behaviours and actions. This is why organisational transformation begins with the personal transformation of the leaders. If the leaders don’t change, the culture won’t change.

Full spectrum leaders display all the attributes of the Seven Levels of Leadership Consciousness.  They master:

  • Survival consciousness by creating an environment of financial security and physical safety for themselves and those in their charge.
  • Relationship consciousness through learning to communicate openly, and by creating a culture of caring and belonging that engenders employee and customer loyalty.
  • Self-esteem consciousness by measuring and monitoring progress towards the organisation’s goals, and keeping the organisation focused on quality, excellence and continuous improvement, such that employees feel a sense of pride in the organisation’s performance, and can pursue their professional growth.
  • Transformation consciousness by becoming responsible and accountable for their actions, learning to delegate appropriately, empowering their executives and managers, and encouraging them to pursue their personal growth.
  • Internal cohesion consciousness by finding a personal sense of purpose/mission to their lives; creating a vision of the future that is a source of inspiration for everyone in the organisation; and engendering a climate of trust. 
  • External cohesion consciousness by actualizing their own sense of purpose through collaboration with external partners in strategic alliances, and enabling their employees, managers and executives to do the same. 
  • Service consciousness by aligning the needs of the organisation with the needs of humanity and the planet and performing acts of self-less service with humility and compassion that support their employees, managers, and executives in doing the same.

Love Mheyah 
Personal and Professional Development Coach

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