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The starting point is knowing what you want and giving your mind a map to take you in the new direction towards the life you want……… Tap into your Unconscious Mind Power and Put Your Success on Autopilot!
MIND MAPPING is the process of programming your Unconscious Mind with whatever goals, dreams or inspired outcomes you want. Once your Unconscious Mind is programmed, realizing your dreams can become effortless.
You can use your new MIND MAP to create anything you want – enhanced relationships, financial stability, peace of mind, business success, better health, lasting happiness, more energy, etc.
A MIND MAP will allow you to: • Program your mind for more Success, Love & Happiness • Create the Life you want Unconsciously • Make Achieving Your Goals an Effortless Experience • Put Your Success on Auto-Pilot • Access the power of your Unconscious Mind • Experience Optimal Whole-Brain Functioning • Become more Relaxed, Stress-Free, Balanced & Healthy • And so much more! •

MIND MAP & MANIFEST Your Dream Life!

Your Unconscious Mind is the part of your mind that runs your life in the background. It behaves much like a giant super computer and is programmed much like a computer. All your beliefs, thoughts and behaviors are a residual of the programs running in your unconscious mind. The self-image and beliefs we’ve been programmed with over the years control and run our lives. They get stored and become permanent structures in how we habitually think, believe, feel and act. In fact, according to neuroscientists we are 95% unconscious and 5% conscious. As a result, we mainly live our entire lives on autopilot.

Unfortunately, most of us have so many stored negative programs and hard-wired patterns that limit and sabotage our success. Many of our thoughts and beliefs even contradict one another, canceling out any potential benefits. What’s more, there are so many programs running our lives that it becomes difficult for new empowering programs to form and take root. We all know how difficult it can be to change a habit or an ingrained belief. Think of your unconscious mind as being like a computer. It stands ready, willing and able to carry out your every instruction. It is continuously scanning your thoughts, feelings, words and actions – all of which it interprets as commands that you have given it – and depending on which commands carry the most weight (the unconscious will always act on the dominant thoughts, words, feelings, actions (how strong the overriding feelings are will depend on your beliefs) The unconscious is like the faithful servant only serving the wishes of it’s master and since it treats you as the master of your thoughts, the master who carefully chooses wisely what they put their attention on…it has no choice but to act upon the instructions it has been given – even if those instructions are negative thoughts, feelings, beliefs and programs YOU DON’T WANT.
These programs define the limits of your success in all areas of your life.
We all have limiting beliefs, core tapes about our self worth, our brains are hard wired with negative beliefs that run our lives on a daily basis without us even being aware or conscious of them. Even people who we think ‘have it all’ can ultimately be deeply unhappy because of their low self-esteem and limited Mind Map. Putting Your Success on Autopilot Imprinting is the process of programming your Unconscious Mind with whatever goals, dreams or inspired outcomes you want. Once your Unconscious Mind is programmed, realizing your dreams can become effortless. You can use your new “Mind Map” to create anything you want – enhanced relationships, financial stability, peace of mind, business success, better health, lasting happiness, more energy, etc.

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In a MIND MAPPING session working together we will create a vision for your life that inspires you, lights you up and propels you forward in the direction you want to go in life. I will then personally lead you through the process of imprinting and reprogramming your Unconscious Mind by talking you into a deep relaxed state where your Conscious Mind relaxes and your Unconscious Mind (that’s your super computer) floats to the surface. Working together, we then IMPRINT your unconscious mind by directly giving it your desired outcomes and creating a new map for your mind to follow. The total session lasts for about 90 minutes. By directly imprinting it with your desired outcomes and goals of your choice your unconscious mind can then go to work directing and guiding you towards your end results. It really is like putting your goals on auto-pilot, a new map for your mind! You’ll also receive a recording of your session by MP3 that you can go back and listen to it over and over again, further imprinting your new success programs into your unconscious mind and enhancing their effect.
It is recommended that you listen to your MIND MAP once a day to get the best benefits. The MIND MAP session is specially designed to effortlessly take you into the state known as THETA. Theta is best known as the brain wave state of dreaming sleep, but it is also associated with a number of other beneficial states, including increased INSIGHTS, creativity, access to the PHOTOGRAPHIC MIND & increased memory abilities. The conscious mind is bypassed in a theta state, and in terms of making positive changes in beliefs or negative habit patterns, reprogramming and re-patterning takes place very quickly. You can probably see why putting yourself in this state will increase the level of your real world results!
Modern brain research indicates that long-term deep relaxation does in fact balance the brain, creating a synchronicity between the two hemispheres. Many researchers have studied this phenomenon over the last 20 years. It has been discovered that electrical brain wave patterns of people in deep relaxation or meditation change to a single coherent pattern, indicating that both sides of the brain – ordinarily out of phase – were working together in a balanced, synchronized manner. While in the vast majority of people one hemisphere or the other is alternately dominant over the other, advanced minds seemed to develop the ability to use their whole brain and to live in a more balanced state characterized by brain synchronization and whole brain functioning.
MIND MAPPING therefore, helps stimulate the creation of new neural pathways between the right and left hemispheres of your brain, balancing your brain and leading you to this high-performance state scientists call “whole brain functioning”. Whole-brain functioning is associated with increased creativity, insight, learning ability, problem solving ability and what some people call vision! This type of brain function has been associated with geniuses—the Einsteins and Mozarts of the world and other creative, high-performance super achievers like Walt Disney, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Aristotle Onassis etc.

Once you begin consistently listening to your customized blueprint everyday, you’ll notice an increased level of belief in yourself and in the possibility of realizing your outcomes. When the time comes to take action in the real world, you’ll jump at the opportunities being presented to you because you will have done it so many times
before in your imagination. Research shows that your mind cannot tell the difference between a real and an imagined experience. This is the reason why MIND MAPPING
is such a powerful way to increase your chances of success. As you listen to it more and more, you’ll be further ingraining your new success programs deeper into your Unconscious Mind and amplifying their effect. The deeper they go in, the more you’ll attract the opportunities and take the necessary actions that move you towards your goals effortlessly At this stage you are reinventing, redesigning and recreating a new you and a new life! The combination of the deeper relaxation effect and the powerful personalized reprogramming of your internal blueprint is the most efficient way to ensure your personal, business and life success. It will allow you to: • Program your mind for Super Success • Create your Dream Life Unconsciously • Make Achieving Your Goals an Effortless Experience • Put Your Success on Auto-Pilot • Overcome Limiting Beliefs that have sabotaged your life • Access the power of your Unconscious Mind • Experience Whole-Brain Functioning • Upgrade Your Mindset • Increase Your Level Of Self-Belief • Redesign a New Life • Reinvent a New Empowering Self-Image • And so much more!

BONUS MATERIAL: You’ll also get a Follow Up Bonus Mind Map Coaching Call to help you move faster along the path to your dreams. This call will be packed with coaching, great information, tips and techniques to reinforce your Mind Map and to help you to continue to reinvent yourself and redesign your life going forward.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mind Mapping? Mind Mapping or Imprinting is the process of programming your Unconscious Mind with whatever outcomes you want. Once your Unconscious Mind is programmed, realizing that outcome becomes effortless. Once you have imprinted your goals on your unconscious mind, you automatically begin thinking the kinds of thoughts that attract the exact opportunities to accomplish your goal easily. This is when achieving goals becomes effortless.


How do I use my MIND MAP?
Once you have your MP3 you can listen to it on any player you have (never listen to it while driving your car). Many people download it to their computer and you can then load your MIND MAP onto your mp3 player, iPod or IPhone or just play it from your computer’s media player. Make sure you are wearing headphones and press play. Make sure the recording is playing at a volume not too loud and not too soft, but just comfortable for you.
What preparation do I need to do prior to listening to my MIND MAP?
Firstly, become aware consciously of the goals that you want to create once more. Even though they’re on your blueprint already, it really sets things into motion and prepares both your conscious and unconscious mind to have a deeper experience. Have your Inspired Outcomes written on a sheet of paper or in a journal to remind you.
Secondly, make sure you will not be disturbed while you are listening to your MIND MAP. Turn off all phones (spouses and children)!
What is the best time of day to listen to it? I prefer listening in the morning, but any time of day will do. Mornings are good because you start your day on a high which can last all day. Also, I believe that you are less likely to fall asleep if you listen to your MIND MAP in the morning. I have used my MIND MAP during my lunch break as a great way to boost my energy for the afternoon. Find what works for you and make it a habitual part of your life.
I have more goals that I forgot to put into my MIND MAP, how do I include these? That’s great! I fully expect you to keep checking off your goals, just like a shopping list. Naturally, you will come up with new goals as you move further along your path. Just make sure that whatever goal you choose to create excites you, lights you up and turns you on. You can use the generic section in your MIND MAP where I invite you bring up onto the screen of your mind any new goals that you want to bring about. You can also use the bonus ‘Forest Meditation’ to insert one of your new inspired outcomes. Many people find that they ultimately outgrow their MIND MAP– in other words all of their goals have come about (often much faster than they expected).
If you want, you can then update and get a brand new blueprint.
What is the importance of relaxation? Relaxation allows your unconscious mind to float to the surface of your awareness, and your mind chatter to quiet down.
Research shows that this is the optimum state for imprinting the mind.
What do I do if I notice synchronicity related to my goal showing up in my life? Take INSPIRED ACTION immediately. Jump at those opportunities that are surrounded by meaningful coincidence. Trust your intuition and go for it! Anyone who has achieved success will tell you that they take lots of INSPIRED ACTION towards achieving their goals. Even the word ATTRACTION contains the word ACTION within it. If this were not the case, everybody would be rich and living their dream lives just by thinking it. If you are not taking ACTION towards achieving your dream life, NO amount of visualizing is going to get you there. The good news is that once you have used your MIND MAP to imprint your goals on your unconscious mind, you will be attracting the opportunities to take the inspired actions that move you towards your goals effortlessly. . What do the terms ‘Life’ or ‘The Universe’ refer to? The study of Quantum Physics has shown the existence of an energy field that holds all matter together. Everything in the universe is created from this energy. Some scientists are calling this force the Zero Point Field, the Quantum Hologram. I sometimes use the term ‘Life’ to represent this force because all of life is created from this force. There are many words for this force which some people call God, The Universe, Spirit, The Quantum Field, The Flow, The Force, Infinite Intelligence, and so on depending on each person’s belief system.
What if I fall asleep during listening to the recording? If you fall asleep while listening to your MIND MAP that’s OK. Your unconscious mind will still absorb your goals. Research shows, however, that best results come about when your mind is relaxed but alert and moving into a state of expanded awareness.
So, if you’re prone to falling asleep, it helps to sit up while listening.
You can also experiment with ‘acting out your goal’ while you are imagining it.
This way, there is no chance of you falling asleep! It is also a great way to convince your mind into believing that your imagined experience has actually happened.
What do I do if I miss a day? If you do miss out a day of listening to your MIND MAP, don’t panic. Just begin again the next day.
Good luck and have fun creating your dream life!

Love Mheyah 

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