The Importance of Telling the Truth in Relationships

This is another wonderful article by Mastin Kipp at
I feel like there is no point in me writing anything because he says it all so well so I am sharing in hopes of inspiring you all to be your best selves and that you will create a life full of happiness, love, fulfillment and live a life full of purpose and passion. Love Mheyah

Countless folks have written and have shared about relationships that have gone awry. They feel like they’ve been living a lie, or are mad because they gave everything to the person they were with and now that the relationship is over, they feel like they have been left high and dry.
There are TWO major things to remember when it comes to relationships:

1. Make sure it works for you before you get into it.
2. As you go along, continue to tell your truth, even if you think it will hurt the other person.

You see, when we ignore the things that make us happy in order to please someone else, we are betraying ourselves and actually the other person. Why is this? Because when we abandon what makes us happy to make someone else happy, we are no longer showing up in the relationship fulfilled. And that is what we owe the other person – our joy and fulfillment. If we only live to make someone else happy, that path leads to resentment, anger and jealously – amongst other things.

But, when we make sure that our creative, spiritual, physical and sexual needs are being met, we can show up happy and joyful. It’s ultimately not the other person’s responsibility to make sure you are happy and fulfilled – it’s yours.

The other thing is, as you go along and grow along in your relationships, it’s vitally important to be able to tell the truth, even if you think it’s going to hurt the other person. The temporary pain of the truth far outweighs the long and drawn out subtle pain of living a lie. Also, you make your partner small when you don’t tell them the truth. Chances are, they can handle it, and if they can’t – that’s a major red flag. Remember you are worthy of AWESOME LOVE and AWESOME LOVE goes hand in hand with being able to tell the truth. Living a lie also leads to anger, resentment, jealously and the like.

The bottom line is this – let us never abandon ourselves to please others. Let us remember that relationships are sent to us to grow and learn from and ultimately they are supposed to make us HAPPY!! :o) We can only truly show up and be happy when all our needs are being met, so it is up to us to make sure that’s happening and then the other person if off the hook.

So…. Does your relationship work for you and are you telling the truth? Yes or no? If no, how can YOU change to either make this relationship work, or let go of it and find one that does work for you? Let me know………

Love Mheyah

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