Communication is the single most important part of creating a healthy relationship. A relationship without communication is like a beautiful flower without water and sunlight, it will quickly wither and die. I don’t care if you think what you have to say is hurtful or you are afraid of expressing yourself, speak your Truth. Be kind, but speak up and be honest. It’s easy to communicate when it’s good news and happy times, but it takes a truly authentic and courageous person to communicate openly and honestly when darkness falls on a relationship.”
– Jackson Kiddard, author & polymath.

One thought on “Truth

  1. I have to admit Mheyah, that I have been reading your blog for about two months now and this is the first time that I have commented. I think I did on facebook though. I do want you to know that I value what you are saying. I hope that you continue as I always look forward to them. Thank you. I will try to become better at leaving comments.

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