WOW-What a great review


I was so excited to read this great review on my course on DAILY OM. I feel very appreciated as my hope as always been to help others avoid the same challenges in relationships that I have experienced. It has taken a lifetime of learning to integrate the key elements that make up great relationship tools and I want to share them with you all.
Thank you Gabriel Dee for taking the time to review the course. This course is a snapshot of how to manage conflict and differences and will benefit anyone with relationship & communication challenges. See the review HERE 
How to get from SURVIVING to THRIVING

My longer more in depth course at SUCCESSFUL COMMUNICATION MADE SIMPLE 
is where I delve into what principles and structure make a conversation more successful and create more connection, rather than more conflict and stress. Personally or professionally, the principles are the same. I hope if you are looking for some tools to improve your life and relationships you will check out both courses or get in touch to discuss Communication Coaching with me and how coaching can change your life and improve all your relationships.
My goal is to “change the world one conversation at a time”  and create a Relationship Revolution.
Let’s collaborate on how I can help you THRIVE not just SURVIVE
Love Mheyah 
Relationship Counsellor
Communication Coach

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